Thursday, February 01, 2001

CooperNeff Launches Two Funds

CooperNeff Launches Two Funds
Alternative Investment News
By Pamela Appea
February 2001

Cooper Neff, a quantitative trading and investment management firm with a new hedge fun unit, plans to launch two European offshore funds, one an equity market neutral fund and the other an equity long/short fund, later this year.

Both funds, which CooperNeff declined to name, will be based in the Cayman Islands and will be targeted mainly at European institutional and high-net-worth investors individuals, said Daniel O’Shaugnessy, managing director of Risk Managed Fund.

The offshore funds will be similar to two CooperNeff offshore funds. Their minimum for investment will be $5 million.

The equity market neutral fund will carry a management fee of 1% and a performance fee of 20%, while the long/short fund will carry a 2% management fee and a 20% performance fee. O’Shaugnessy expects each fund will have the net return, of greater than 40%.