Thursday, February 01, 2001

Chapman Opens New Euro Hedge Fund

Chapman Opens New Euro Hedge Fund
Alternative Investment News
By Pamela Appea
February 2001

PH Chapman Advisors has launched an offshore European long-short hedge fund. European Perspectives Ltd. The investment advisor also plans to offer investment opportunities in Asia and in private equity later this year, said Peter Chapman, founder.

European Perspectives Ltd. charges a 1.5% management fee and 20% performance fee and is registered in Bermuda and also listed in Dublin. It has a USD250,000 and EU250,000 minimum. Raphael Kanza will manage the fund. European Limited seeks to raise $300 million and has targeted returns of 20-25%.

The fund started with $10 million in seed capital.
Chapman, based in New York, counts about 30 wealthy families as clients, with most living outside the U.S., but is also open to institutional investors, such as foundations and endowments.