Wednesday, April 30, 2003

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By Pamela Appea

Gossip Blog on American Idol Column
And Then There Were Four (Who is Going Home.)
Originally Published April 30, 2003

I was really shocked when Ruben ended up in the bottom two on Wednesday night. What happened?

To quote Simon (who along with Randy and Paula was utterly shocked), ‘This is a singing competition people.’

It’s hard to eliminate people, and Joshua, however cute he may be, is not as strong as a singer as Ruben. Anyone can tell you that. So Trenyce was the one to go. She took it well. Someone said Ruben was taking his audience for granted. I disagree. I think he isn’t and he is a great, an amazing singer. He looked really worried before Ryan pulled him out of the general group.


I just watched American Idol and I am still thinking—wow!

Everyone Ruben, Clay, Trenyce, Kimberley and Joshua were truly good, better than good in a mostly 10 out of 10 kind of way. Still I get a feeling, a strong feeling, that this season’s winner will be a man (a Southern man, sorry Josh!)

So, on Tuesday night, we all got to hear the American Idol finalists sing not just one—but two—songs. I suppose the show producers wanted to start off with a bank, which is why the producers chose the lively 60s songs to go on first, and the quieter, gentler crooning tunes of Neil Sadaka came second. And of course, all of the singers needed a rest break. I would have arranged it so that the Sadaka songs came on first, and the more energetic 1960s came on second, so we could have ended with a bank, but Nigel and his crew didn’t call and consult me.

Do I mention the guest judge was the one, and only Neil Sadaka.

And I suppose the fact that I haven’t heard of him before shows that I need to do some serious music and entertainment cramming. (I do know the 1970s song they played during the introductory clip. As for all the other songs, blame it on a generation gap.) Neil Sadaka is a gentlemen, and I like his positive spirit. He wasn’t quite a Paula, but almost.

Now, let’s get the bad news out the way! All of the judges are ganging up on my Joshua—and that is so unfair! It seems totally unrelated, but Joshua is the only non-Southerner left, like I said already in a previous column.

Simon came right out and said Joshua wasn’t good enough. It was what the other judges didn’t say that was telling. And poor Joshua’s wife looked kind of sad at times too. Was it just me or did they keep on zooming in on Josh’s wife—more than usual?

To his credit, Joshua did do a good job at being a crooner (parts 1950s, part county, part Josh) when he sang the “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” song and then the more upbeat “Bad Blood.” (It’s hard for Joshua to look truly pissed off when he’s singing, as he seems like a pretty low-key guy.) I’ll give my Joshua an 8 or 9 out of 10 (as I am as bad as, if not worse than, Paula) for both songs, but that just wasn’t good enough for the majority of the judges.

Ruben started out with “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.” Simon was quick to say that the outfit was kind of interesting in a shiny way. Well, actually, I thought the outfit was interesting in a shiny kind of way. Simon didn’t think the outfit was shiny or interesting. He said he gave the outfit a 2 (although he also became the show’s resident expert in drag show apparel when evaluating Trenyce.)

Moving on, Randy thought Ruben was great saying, “You sound like a winner.” Neil said, “I don’t ever get nervous” when Ruben comes on. I am like Neil. Sometimes I do worry whether an American Idol contestant will sing well (like Trenyce or Joshua) although Neil was too much of a gentleman to name names.) Then Ruben picked up the Neil Sadaka song “Breaking Up is Hard to Do.” Paula said “stellar,” and Simon said, “absolutely sensational.”

Kimberley Locke sang “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” and the Neil Sadaka song “Where the Boys Are.” Randy said “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” was “Good” and Neil said she was “ear delicious.” For the second song, Neil told Kimberley “You did me proud.” And Simon, of all people, told Kimberley, “You’ve raised the bar.” Kimberley looked and sounded great to me and her look is becoming almost diva-ish.

Clay’s songs got a lot of praise—from everyone. For the first song, Clay picked the right song for his voice, “Build me Up, Butter Cup.” (You should probably remember this song from the Something about Mary movie.) Clay danced! (Didn’t you see that Paula?) And he seemed to be having fun in a way that almost approximated Ruben. All in all, Clay did an amazing job. Clay got his highest praise from Neil who told him, “I would kill to produce your first CD.”

But for the second song, “Solitaire,” Clay looked a little sleepy. Did Clay take a nap between the other singers? Or maybe he didn’t have Trenyce’s olive oil to wake him up? Who knows? Anyway, Paula said Clay showed a “vulnerable” side during his “Solitaire” performance (the second song), while Simon said, “You lost some of the facial things.” (Trust Simon to focus on something when he can’t think of anything else to say.

So, let’s sum up. Clay and Ruben are still on top. They were both in top form on Tuesday night and didn’t waver.

If the show is going to continue to rate the bottom three, I guess Joshua, Trenyce and Kimberley Locke will end up there. Not to Ryan: at this point, you guys really shouldn’t call it bottom three. But, that’s just me.

As for other fun and quirky things about Tuesday’s show …

Rickey was happily part of the audience, wearing sunglasses because?
Trenyce looks like a toothpick in the second outfit she wore. You need a little more meat on your bones Trenyce! I’m surprised the olive oil shots aren’t packing on the pounds.
Tia and Tamara (from the show Sister Sister) are definite American Idol groupies these days.

What else?

Ryan had jokes up his sleeve all night, calling Ruben “Big Boy,” changing the music when introducing Simon and picking that bright lime green (I think that was the color. All I know is that my eyes were overcome by the brightness) shirt for Tuesday’s show. Ryan you can’t blame the fashion stylist for everything. I am sure you must own some of these interesting shirts you like to wear!

Tune in on Wednesday night to see who’a going to get voted off!

Originally Published April 30, 2003