Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Internet Helps Kids Keep in Touch with Parents Overseas

Internet Helps Kids Keep in Touch with Parents Overseas
KPTM-Fox 42
Content Edited by Pamela Appea for KPTM-FOX 42’s Website.
March 25, 2003

Sending letters and packages to our troops overseas used to be the only way [to] stay in touch.

And it could often take weeks to reach to the other side.

But now, thanks for the Internet, military families can write and send messages almost instantaneously.

For military children, this helps with the waiting and praying of a parent’s safe return. Having a parent in the military is the norm here at St. Matthew’s.

Third-grader Jaimie Malone has both her father and her stepfather based overseas. And Jaimie’s mother is on active duty.

“We’re trying to keep up, but we can’t. That’s why my grandma is coming to help us,” said Jaimie Malone, a military kid.

Seventh grader Amy Holdcroft is also in a similar situation. Her sister has been on a Navy ship for 2 months now. “We sent her a care package and she didn’t get it until three weeks later,” Amy said.

Keeping in touch isn’t each, but military kids deal with this almost every day, even though it still is hard, sometimes.

“We never get used to us,” said Susan Simmons, another student at St. Matthews.

Amy’s family used e-mail almost every day so they write her sister.

“At dinner time we talk about what she wrote. She writes different letters for each of us, and we always talk about how we miss her,” Amy says.

Amy and Jaimie, and many, many other military kids will continue to wait and pray for their family member’s safe return.

But until then, Jaimie Malone sends this message: “Be safe and we love you guys.”

Content from TV Broadcast originally posted on KPTM’s Website www.kptm.com on March 25, 2003