Friday, March 10, 2000

Street exits for new school considered

Street exits for new school considered
The Ann Arbor News
By Pamela Appea

Tecumseh, Michigan—Tecumseh school officials continue to consider potential locations for a second street exit at the district’s planned high school.

Richard D. Fabule, Tecumseh schools superintendent, said the two most viable options for a second exit are off Occidental Road or off Chicago Boulevard.

Slated to open in fall 2001, the planned high school’s main entrance and exit will be on Brown Street, a decision made by the project architects and the district months ago.

But negotiations for the second exit aren’t advancing as quickly as many have hoped, due in part to stalled communication with a property owner over the Chicago Boulevard option, school administrators said.

The Occidental Road exit would bring up more considerations that have to be taken into account, including additional financial concerns and development of that area, said Tom Emery, Tecumseh schools business manager.

But school administrators said its unclear at this point whether the board is leaning toward one option over the other.

At recent board meetings, where the issue was discussed, a handful of residents have expressed concern with the cost factor of a second exit, in addition to whether the Occidental Road exit is a wise option.

Tecumseh resident Gerald Roslin raised the concern several weeks ago that if the Michigan Department of Transportation doesn’t approve a traffic light on Occidental Road, then the district’s money “would be wasted.”

Edward Tritt, president of the school board, responded at the time that the board hasn’t decided one way or another.

Representatives from TMP Architecture of Bloomfield Hills—the firm in charge of the high school construction—recently echoed Tritt.

“Everyone is very hopeful that the second exit will be identified quickly,” said Eric Geiser, project manager.

Geiser stressed that while the negotiation for the second exit has taken several months, he likens the time frame to buying a home.

Originally published Monday, April 10, 2000