Friday, March 07, 1997

Citibank finally opens at UCH

Citibank finally opens at UCH
The Chicago Maroon
By Pamela Jane Miller (Appea)

After three months of administrative complications and construction delays, a brand of Citicorp’s Citibank opened this February at the University of Chicago hospitals.

“The process of building here was a collaborative effort between the University and the hospital,” said Risa Davis, vice president and branch manager of the U of C branch. Davis explained that the delay was necessary since Citibank had to adhere to the U of C Hospital’s construction requirements when building.

“We tried to communicate with our customers about [Citibank’s] delay by [sending out] calendars, distributing flyers, and also a 24-hour-a-day telephone customer service was available,” she said.

While the delay frustrated some, the branch’s appearance seems to have satisfied Citibank customers in the area.

“Its great to have a Citibank on campus,” said Iyanda Nkanga, a resident head at Pierce Tower and a graduate student at the U of C.

He stressed that the ATM machines are more secure than other banks in the Hyde Park community.

Citibank has made a strong effort to attract the students, faculty, administrators, and community residents at large.

“From September on [Citibank] did try to make ourselves available [for questions and information],” said Joe Stolarik, assistant manager and Citibank officer.

Stolarik went on to explain that over 200 U of C students signed up for Citibank checking accounting and/or Citibank credit cards during Autumn quarter.

“We have been very pleased with the turnout [of all new Citibank credit card/checking account members],” said Davis.

U of C students are offered special perks when they open an account with Citibank. Citibank provides a special student-oriented checking account with no regular monetary minimum, unlimited check writing privileges and 24-hour Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) service.

Citibank will open another South-Side based branch at 47th Street and Lake Park Avenue in 1998.

Photo Caption: Risa Davis, vice president and branch manager at the UCH Citibank branch, which opened this February.

Photo Credit: Luke Swistun

Originally published March 7, 1997