Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Hispanic month celebrated

Hispanic month celebrated
The Chicago Maroon
By Pamela Jane Miller (Appea)

October is the second annual celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at the University of Chicago.

The Hispanic Association for Cultural Expression and Recognition (H.A.C.E.R.) has joined forces with the Womyn’s Union, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Coordinating Counsel for Minority Issues (C.C.M.I) and the International House for the series of lectures, films, and other events that deal with the diversity of Latino culture.

One of H.A.C.E.R’s main goals for the month is to transcend stereotypical notions of Latino culture by addressing the development of identities through issues affecting Chicanismo, Latinos, and Puerto Ricans.

Veronica Gonzalez, the political chair for H.A.C.E.R. said, “[Latinos] are all ethnically, culturally, politically different.” She stressed that diversity and transnationalistm are the main theme for Hispanic Heritage month.

One of the larger events planned is The United States Leadership Conference (USHLC.) It will take place October 18-19 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Chicago.

Kayo Granillo, a third-year double major in public policy and Latin American studies, “I will be leading the U of C’s Hispanic Leadership Training program [a mentorship program for first years.]”

Events on campus include a series of lectures which will be held at the International House. Topics to be addressed include the status of Puerto Rico and the reproductive role of Latinas. These lectures are open to the public.

“I think it’s definitely a good idea to have some type of event showing respect or honoring the Hispanic people,” said Robyn McCoy, a fourth-year anthropology major.

“Sabor Latino” (a “taste” of Latino culture will end the month-long celebration. The event, held at the International House, will have lots of food, fun and excitement.

For more information on H.A.C.E.R. and Hispanic Heritage month, contact H.A.C.E.R. (hacer@uchicago.edu), or access the H.A.C.E.R. Website at http://student-www.uchicago.edu/orgs/hispanic-association/.

Celebration Schedule for Hispanic Heritage Month
All Events unless otherwise noted will be held at the International House. Contact the International House or H.A.C.E.R. for more information.

October 18-19
United States Hispanic Leadership Conference (USHLC.) Location Downtown Chicago.

October 22-24
Three Party Symposium.
Part I: October 22nd dealing with issues pertaining to Latinas and the reproductive role of Latin American women as assigned by the Catholic Church and supported by culture.

Part II: Clarifying the role of Latina women in the welfare state and its relationship with anti-immigrant sentiment.

Part III: If and how Latinas can maintain their cultural identity or whether it is necessary to create an identity independent of that instilled by culture in a society that allows a more liberal approach to autonomy.

October 23.
A debate on the status of Puerto Rico in relation to the United States, which often conflicts with its national identity.

November 1.
“El Sabor Latino!” a gala of food, music and dance. Among the entertainment provided that evening will be groups performing folklore dances from Central America and the Caribbean.
Originally published Tuesday, October 15, 1996